What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Where Ancient Therapy meets the present.

This unique therapy using stones that are formed from volcanic origin are extremely effective due to the stones thermal and energy conductive effects (this is why it is crucial only stones condusive to this therapy be used), using the stones can induce transformation on many levels. The application of hands in conjunction with these unique stones produces intensified contact with them and universal energies, directing this energy flow to areas of blockage, harmonizing, restoring and rejuvenating the body at its deepest level.

What makes Stone Massage so effective?

Hot Stone Therapy relaxes the body at its deepest level, it has profound effects on the mental, physical and spiritual levels of the body.
Working in harmony using various massage techniques with warm stones promoting a sense of balance and well-being. The conductive aspect of the warm stones produces direct results on the body, local and systemic.

Serene young woman is enjoying massage at beauty salon. Masseuse is touching hot smooth stones to her body

Hot Stone Therapy Back,
neck and shoulder massage

£28.00 / 30 minutes

Hot Stone
Full Body Massage

£40.00 / 60 minutes

Hot Stone Full Body Massage
Including face and Scalp Massage

£48.00 / 1 hour 15 minutes